Claims and Objects

Claim Currency

Claim Currency represents a claim on an asset which lies elsewhere. This would be the case when, for example, you use a credit card, or a cheque to pay for goods and services. In this case, the merchant’s terminal calls the bank to check if you, as the purchaser, have a claim on enough funds to cover the purchase. More recently stable coins, or cryptocurrencies backed by all manner of things represent this category of currencies. The assumption being that they can be traded in for the asset backing them at any time.

Object Currency

Object currency - When using an Object Currency, the object, and its value, physically passes to the next person at the point of the transaction. By way of example one could pay for goods and services with a gold coin, Bitcoin or cash.

Redemption Value

Redemption Value in this context refers to every form of known currency whether it has a Fixed Value of redemption or it has a Variable Value of redemption. For example, within a USD ecosystem $1 is a fixed value of redemption, and Bitcoin would have a variable value of redemption.

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