Governance Proposals

Updates to the Vow protocol or changes to network parameters should not be decided by any central entity, but rather by a Vow community vote. See mechanics below:

Vow governance has been deployed using At this time over 800 people have registered to vote., is capable of carrying out any changes to the protocol if voted on by Vow token holders. Any of the relevant contracts will have their ownership updated to the address of this governance contract, and as such are in the control of the Vow community as a whole, not any company or individual. The $VOW contract was updated at VowUP '23. It is now decentralised, and the rest of the Voucher Currency contracts aim to be completed by end Q4 2023.

Relevant contracts here are specifically anything with the ‘onlyOwner’ permission structure for methods. will now be able to connect to all ‘onlyOwner’ permissions, but such permissions can only be amended by community vote.

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