Is voucher currency always on par with its fiat equivalent?

Voucher Currency Questions

Voucher Currency will always have a value equal to its domestic fiat equivalent when conducting a commercial transaction at the point of sale within the ecosystem. Whenever a holder of Voucher Currency wishes to spend their currency at a participating retailer, they will be able to reduce the cost of goods and services acquired, equal to the value of their Voucher Currency balance. The price of the currency will never fluctuate from parity.

If a user wishes to sell their Voucher Currency balance for another currency or asset, they may do so at the prevailing market rate. The secondary market value for Voucher Currencies, just like for any other free exchange market, is not controlled by the anyone. Whoever acquires Vow Currencies in the secondary market at the prevailing price will have the ability to spend their Vow currencies at a value par with fiat within the ecosystem.

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