Reward Programmes

The $VOW ecosystem does not try to recruit End Users itself. That would take too long and cost too much to get to scale. Instead, companies within the ecosystem using technology solutions provided by participating MVDs, are able to provide large organisations (which have a core product or value proposition) the ability to attract new customers and retain existing customers by launching a Reward Programme.

It provides them with ready to go, fully branded mobile applications and websites, stuffed full of Retailer funded Voucher Currency offers. The host organisation simply performs the marketing function of promoting these offers to its customers, who in turn sign up by linking their payment cards or devices.

For organisations which prefer a more integrated solution, APIs are delivered which plug into existing mobile applications and websites, delivering the same high calibre content at scale. By providing these organisations either exclusively, or alongside, existing incentives, these higher value rewards, at more locations than anyone else, $VOW provides an irresistible commercial offering.

Because Rewards are always a % of spend, they are desirable and easily understandable for End Users. No new cards or change of behaviour is necessary. End Users simply link their payment cards and devices once and collect automatic rewards at all participating Retailers.

They can then use the rewards to discount any product or service offered by participating Retailers.

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