Why would I want to buy VOW tokens?

VOW Questions

There are as many reasons to buy VOW tokens as there are people who want to buy them.

At this time, most natural buyers for VOW are Retailers and Reward Programmes, because they can save up to 100% of their current cashback and rewards costs by utilizing VOW.

If the ecosystem continues to grow, VOW supply will contract. This is because businesses joining the network must acquire VOW in order to issue Voucher Currencies.

As the portfolio of participating businesses expands, the circulating supply of tokens is forecasted to decrease.

Any holder of VOW tokens that wishes to spend their equivalent value can do so at any time. VOW tokens can be burned by their holders and thus converted into fixed value Voucher currencies which can be used to conduct purchases at participating businesses. As a result any holder of VOW tokens may also reduce circulating supply at any point.

Both Retailers and consumers pursue their own economic interest. Their actions benefit other VOW holders as all their activities are positive with respect to the VOW token price.

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