Voting Mechanics

Vow community members are able to vote for changes in contract code by linking their wallet and clicking Join, in A minimum of 20 Vow needs to be in the connected wallet in order to be valid.

You can do this on your desktop (see the video below).

You can also join the voting community through a web 3 browser, such as Metamask, on your phone. (See video below).

Once 1000 people have registered to vote, proposals can be raised and the community can vote on them.

Votes are calculated as 1 VOW = 1 Vote. If you hold VOW in multiple wallets you can link them all. When a community vote is required (for example a new MVD wishes to join the network) the code to run the specific procedure can be submitted to the contract and the vote is then opened for community members to engage with.

The nature of carrying out decentralised voting is complex and certain procedures have to be followed to ensure votes remain in secret until the vote concludes. Snapshot calls this "Shuttered" voting. Because of this each new proposal has a Voting delay phase of 7 days where everyone can consider the proposal. There is then a Voting phase of 7 days to give everyone time to vote, and then a Reveal phase.

A quorum of 10,000,000 VOW is presently required to validate a vote.

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