The Vow Ecosystem

The blockchain space has so far failed to attract significant retail adoption. Speculation is rife, and there is very little real crypto acceptance going on.

99% of so called "crypto acceptance" is not real crypto acceptance.

Either a crypto debit card is used or a crypto/fiat gateway is used.

In either case, retailers are settled in fiat.

Retailers do not really accept crypto, and there are definitive reasons for this.

The three main reasons that retailers don't accept crypto are;

(1) Crypto is too volatile.

(2) Crypto is too slow.

(3) There is not enough demand from the public.

VOW fixes all three of these points at once, by introducing a unique token-economic model which incentivises every single Retailer to become part of a massive distribution and acceptance layer around the world.

One in which, fiat conversion does not need to occur.

If $VOW succeeds, crypto will succeed in doing what it was always meant to:

To change the world.

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