Token Sale

Initial allocation and distribution of VOW tokens occurred in three stages.

Stage one amounted to 254,371,428 tokens distributed to International MVDs, CLCs, technology partners and other ecosystem participants with the purpose of transitioning them from cashback models to Vow based reward systems.

Stage two amounted to 67,000,009 tokens. These were sold at a price of USD 0.07. Out of this number around 42,857,142 were also sold to MVDs. The remainder were sold, in the main, to individuals who believe in the vision of a global decentralized shopping network and the benefits which Vow token has within such a shopping ecosystem.

The final 261,485,705 tokens were allocated a minimum price of USD 0.11 and have been, or are being distributed, to various future users of the ecosystem, whether as shoppers, liquidity providers or merchants. Unsold or distributed tokens will be burned and a proportional supply of all granted tokens will also be burned, as per the MI of Vow Limited.

By July 2023 over 300,000,000 VOW tokens had been burned.

In terms of speculation, as you can see from the above numbers nearly all tokens were sold or distributed to ecosystem participants.

The MVDs role is primariliy to use their tokens to gather new merchants into the ecosystem.

At the current time around 54% of tokens are in the general public’s hands. All holders of more than 1m tokens, and in some cases those with less than this number are committed to offering their tokens to the VOW OTC desk at up to 20% discount compared to current market price, for a period of time, prior to being released to the market. The VOW OTC desk seeks to match any seller with an incoming buyer (Hodlr) who wishes to purchase at a below market rate, off market.

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