Enigmatic Smile

Enigmatic Smile ltd is a UK based rewards technology facilitator building out the rewards use case for Vow currency. It is growing rapidly and investing in companies which are congruent to its vision.

Enigmatic Smile provides technology to multiple companies around to world which are referred to as CLCs, or country licence companies. Each of these companies have the responsibility of developing utility for Voucher Currency within their regions.

Whilst Voucher Currencies exists on Ethereum they are ERC777 cryptographic tokens.

Within Enigmatic Smile's and the CLC's ecosystems they exist as simple digital discount vouchers.

Although they have the same name, both states are very different in nature.

Although for transparency, all movements of Voucher Currency within Enigmatic Smile's ecosystem are recorded on a layer 2 solution called Aventus, they are not cryptocurrency.

Anyone may swap their Ethereum based tokens 1:1 into digital discount vouchers and then use these discount vouchers in the real world, or they may also swap their digital discount vouchers at 1:1 rate for tokens on Ethereum.

CLCs currency exist in:

  1. The United States

  2. The United Kingdom

  3. The Nordics

  4. India

  5. South Africa

  6. Australia

  7. New Zealand

Enigmatic Smile's UK Leadership Team in the video below.

Understand Enigmatic Smile's white label products below.

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