Why should Retailers distribute Voucher Currencies?

General Questions

The core benefit that Retailers gain by becoming a distributor of Voucher Currencies is that they can drive sales and attract more customers, with zero, or next to zero, cost.

Any business, once onboarded by a community approved MVD, can promote and distribute Voucher Currencies to their customers

A simple vow of accepting any Voucher Currency distributed back again, as a discount against goods and services, gives all distributions credibility in the community.

This process of creating additional circulating currency is an exercise of eliminating cash from any given spend cycle. Distribution and acceptance of Voucher Currencies is a closed loop cycle where cash is replaced with Voucher Currencies. This frees up fiat for other purposes.

The core difference with similar processes that seek to replace circulating cash with a value, is that Voucher Currencies are distributed as discount vouchers, and accepted back as discount vouchers. They are negative value units. They are not stored value, and no central party claims any authority over them.

Businesses which distribute Voucher Currencies do so in exactly the same way as they do with discount vouchers. If it is true that there is no taxation when discount vouchers are distributed and accepted, then it is also true for Voucher Currencies.

Voucher Currencies are simply better discount vouchers. As long as retailers distribute, accept and re-use Voucher Currencies this logic holds.

If they sell Voucher Currencies then of course, there may be a tax implication.

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