Anyone can create a proposal on which a vote will take place.

A small deposit of VOW is required to submit a proposal.

Once the vote completes this deposit is returned to the creator irrespective of the outcome. The deposit makes it unfeasible to spam the network with unnecessary distracting content.

Setting up a vote involves submitting the description (describing what the vote is about), adding up to 4 options that can be voted for and finalizing the vote by specifying the start of the voting delay phase.

There is no direct financial incentive for voting, as a Vow holder you should have an incentive to participate in votes, since they influence the direction of the network and therefore its utility. Thus it should be obvious that any VOW token holder acting in their own self-interest, should participate in votes to steer decisions in the direction they believe maximizes the utility of the network thereby driving underlying value of VOW, without any further incentive.

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