End Users

When you opt for Voucher currency as your digital currency of choice, you’ll get a better price on thousands of goods and services.

The $VOW ecosystem enables everyone to save lots of money in the easiest way possible.

It transcends all demographics by eliminating the need for physical vouchers, coupons, discount cards or awkward conversations. Because Rewards are tied to existing payment methods, once an End User has registered a card there is nothing more they need to say, do, or show, to benefit. No new cards or change of behaviour is necessary. End Users securely link their payment cards once, and collect rewards automatically, across all participating Retailers, forever. As more Retailers join, End User’s connected payment cards automatically trigger more rewards. And because End Users receive instant push notifications each time they spend they reminded of how much money they have saved.

The ecosystem can provide much higher value Rewards, at more locations than any other solution, and ensures all Rewards are easily understandable, denominated in units that are clear for all.


Nothing in the website constitutes investment advice and any person considering an investment in the Vow token should also do their own research and take professional advice as appropriate.

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