The world's largest rewards economy

To viably build the world’s largest rewards economy and attract the most participants to start using $VOW, the ecosystem, proactively incentivises all of its desired stakeholders.

It does this by providing new methods of doing business, which are, at least an order of magnitude better, cheaper and faster than existing methods.

Creating such a model, and orchestrating its delivery, is the climax of 20 years of trial and error, gathered from many, many, market participants.

The ecosystem products and services that are available now, CREATE IMMENSE VALUE for all stakeholders in the wider ecosystem. However, it is how VALUE is CAPTURED in $VOW itself that is most interesting, and we believe, worthy of serious study.

EXAMPLE : All connected reward programmes run on Voucher Currency in India.

Here's their recent TV ad, featuring the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni.

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