Clarifications on some of the key phrases we use in this documentation.

Reward Programme

means the owner or operator of a website or app who has an agreement with an MVD to promote participating Retailers using the Service.

Reward Programme App

means any app or website owned or operated by a Reward Programme on which Retailers are displayed.

The Service Fee

Any fee charged to Retailers from time to time, over and above the Reward Amount.

Reward Programme Commission

A portion of The Service Fee, if any, which is paid to a Reward Programme from time to time.


The Voucher Currency incentive provided by the Retailer to the End User via the Reward Programme when a Qualifying Transaction is made.

End User

means a consumer who is signed up to a Reward Programme and purchases the Company’s products with the expectation of receiving a Voucher Currency Reward.


means any Reward or Service Fees issued to the MVD by the Retailer in respect of an abortive sale or application and which the parties agree in writing shall be repaid to the Retailer. For the avoidance of doubt Clawback will not operate on any campaign without the express, prior written agreement of both parties.

Authorized Terminal

Any POS that the Retailer authorises the MVD to monitor for Qualifying Transactions including instore devices and online websites / apps, through partnership with a Transaction Verifier.

Transaction Verifier

means any organisation with whom the MVD works, directly or indirectly with the express purpose of electronically or manually verifying End User transactions at Authorised Terminals. This term includes any card scheme with which it has a direct or indirect relationship, including but not limited to, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover card, JCB, RuPay or Union Pay. It also includes any processor of financial transactions, such as Pinelabs or Innoviti, whether the MVD has a direct or indirect relationship. This includes Retailers themselves, the Retailer’s agents, the Retailers payment service providers and payment gateways. It also includes the End User’s card issuers and End User’s card issuer’s processors. This term also includes, but is not limited to EPOS system providers, terminal providers, programme managers, banks, acquirers, ISOs, receipt and e-receipt processors.

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