What is backing Voucher currencies?

Voucher Currency Questions

There is no central company, government, private party or asset which is required to make the promise of providing a backstop value to Voucher Currencies at any time.

Additionally, there is no company, government or individual which holds an investment asset stated to provide Voucher currencies with underlying value, as would be the case with all stable coins. Each Voucher currency is also not “almost” linked to a fiat currency, as is the case with some stable coin models.

In contrast to every known stable coin and every known complementary currency, each Voucher currency remains precisely stable in price with a definitive backstop value equal 1:1 with local fiat currency in all ecosystem merchants at all times. This is because distributors in the ecosystem vow to accept back each Voucher Currency against their goods and services at par with local fiat.

Additionally, all distributors lock up in a smart contract, 20% of the value of their predicted distribution. This acts as additional incentive mechanic in the ecosystem, over and above their vow to accept them back upon redemption.

vcurrencies are unique in that they are accepted by businesses, there is no asset held or promise made by a central party to maintain their value. In addition they are decentralized in terms of their issuance, acceptance and governance.

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