Embr Checkout is a growing suite of tools built by, and for, DeFi project leaders to streamline token sales.

With its suite of shareable payment links, embeddable widgets, and QR codes, Embr Checkout makes it easy for users to purchase your tokens from anywhere. The integrated fiat on-ramp (currently powered by Unlimit Crypto) allows users to buy native/gas coins and swap for project tokens in one seamless flow, eliminating the need for lengthy guides on how to buy and navigate multiple platforms. Powered by the 1inch API, Embr Checkout ensures users receive the best possible price at any given time.

With Embr Checkout, DeFi project leaders can focus on building their communities and delivering innovative products, while Embr Checkout takes care of the burdensome process of making tokens easy to buy.

Embr is building lots of cool stuff. Peachee, for example, lets you buy across chains in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Recognising its immense potential, Enigmatic Smile made a strategic investment in Embr in 2023.

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