What is VOW?

VOW is the decentralised reserve currency of the Vow Ecosystem.


The future of money is promising.

Vow to change the world.


Vow aims to change the world by decentralising the issuance of currency.


For the first time ever, pegged value currency can exist without a centralised issuer, central bank, government or big tech company. All retailers in the Vow economy issue Voucher currencies (i.e. v$1 off, v£1 off, v€1 off digital vouchers), and "Vow" to accept them back as $1 off, £1 off, €1 off of their products and services.

Due to this inherently decentralised issuance and acceptance network, Voucher currencies gain real world utility and thus value.

Because a little VOW is needed in order for merchants to issue voucher currencies, VOW aims to become a reserve currency for the whole world's discount voucher trade.

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